October 9, 2013


An announcement will be made next week about my new book, Belgrade.

Pre-orders will start in about two week's time and the official release date will be on November 7th.
The first 50 books ordered will come with a limited edition silver gelatin print- editioned and signed.

On November 7th, I will be having an exhibition/book release party at the 2186 Dundas Gallery in Toronto, and will also be having a release in Montreal the following week (information on that one to come soon...)

I am just in the final stages of editing/frantically getting everything printed and organized.
I promise I will announce more soon.

I hope that you are well, and enjoying these slightly dismal October days.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Rebecca, i'm so happy for you and looking for the book! Let me know if you come to Quebec city! my best!