July 19, 2013

revisited with new eyes


some kind of update:
- I have been neglecting this blog (and the internet in general). I am still here. I have been spending most of my days with my nose in books.
Today there were a few incredible storms in the city and I spent most of the day in the window watching forks of lightning fall from the sky. Over the next few weeks, I will making a few announcements about new projects and collaborations which are still in incubation as of right now. I am looking forward to sharing them with you, soon

- I have been selected as one of the final 30 exhibitors for fotofilmic's exhibition on August 1st at the Positive/Negative gallery in Vancouver. I am going to be attending the opening (and am extremely excited to do so)... if you are in or around the city, I would highly recommend stopping by- as there are many fantastic works being exhibited.

-Thank you Vesper Magazine, Wyrd Words and Effigies and Escaptist(s) for the recent features and interviews on my work. 

- Does anyone know of a free gallery/artist space in Montreal? Any suggestions would be much appreciated...

Thank you.

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  1. So beautiful to follow you, I must send you a letter soon!