June 15, 2012

and here are some new features/articles about my work
hooligan magazine | anonym magazine |
le grand jeu | chameleon magazine | feature shoot group show


  1. hello rebecca. that's a good step to take. i don't have a facebook account because i definitely have a distaste for it and i'm pretty sure it would distract me way too much. i have so much work to do and still it seems that i do everything but what i should be doing.
    i'm glad you'll keep this blog. it's an easy and quite close way to keep in touch with you and your work, which i look up to, as i've told you before.

    i've been about to ask you this for some time: are the scratches and dust particules in your photos intentional or do you simply not do anything about them and assume them as part of your work?

  2. hi love. i hope you're well these days- and as always, you're too kind to me... but thank you. x
    i must say, i feel very envious of those who have never had a facebook account. it's something i started up very early (in the early years when it was first released)- and it's been such a hard habit to shake. it's both a gift and a curse. but even now, these days that i have not been so active on it - i have accomplished so much. old emails and jobs that i haven't found the motivation to complete in these past weeks. now i feel as though my mind is clearer.

    and as for your question: it goes both ways. sometimes i will damage the films before developing them, and with the damage comes small surprises. sometimes i have to hold my breath when i check to see how the images turned out. but yes, even when these small accidents happen (the unintentional ones)- i do assume them as part of my work.