April 21, 2012

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  1. Hello, Rebecca. I´m Adrián Volt Saénz , I´m a photographer and poet. I´m from Tijuana, Mexico. I do not remember how I came to your site but I got there and i´m glad. I like your work, I find very interesting your self-portraits and all the work behind them.

    I created a blog that is called “En Correspondencia, 50 Conversaciones” (encorrespondencia.blogspot.com). I created this space to communicate with other photographers, but using, instead of words, photographic images; our words will be our photography, our language the photographic one. It is an exercise, a game, a dialogue that it is interesting to me to do with the photographers that I have been following for their photographic work, with the intention of developing a history, a message, a new text from our photographic proposals. And well, I’ve wanted to begin the next conversation with you, as if it was a statement to start an important dialogue. Check the entry and feel free to make a lecture and an interpretation of my image.
    And as in any educated conversation between two people, one must CORRESPOND to other with another message. I wait, sincerely, for your response.
    The technical details are these: (you have to send to me to the same mail a triptych or a diptych or what you decide to send to post it in the same entry that is titled “Conversación 7” or Conversation 7', this to have coherence thru all 50 conversations) . The breadth of the linen must be 21.5 inches and the height must of 4 inches as minimum and 7 inches max, to 300 DPI and without top and low margins, to maintain a standard format in the size of the photographs.

    * send to me the site that you want it to appear inside the blog.
    PD: any doubts that you might have please let me know.

    Greetings from Tijuana, Mexico, and thank you, Rebecca.