March 26, 2012

I am now living in Berlin.
I will finally be settled in this coming weekend and will have plenty of new work to share with you all...
thank you for your patience and support...



  1. hey rebecca. i can't wait to see your new stuff.
    i've been more and more interested on your work lately. i've started working with pinholes and my idea of it has a lot to do your work. i don't know if you use pinholes in your regular work, but i always associate the type of images with yours. i really really appreciate your captures. also, if you work with pinholes, some tips would be appreciated, of course!
    have a lovely week :)

  2. hey lovely. I hope you're well...
    thank you for your kind words (as always)... it's awesome that you will be working more with pinholes.
    to be honest, it's not something I often experiment with (but recently, I've wanted to try again...) - but I was working with them a bit in high school and a bit at the start of college. i really don't have any tips.. but I have noticed that kathleen mercado has been doing a lot of pinhole exposures lately... maybe she would be better suited to answering some of your questions...

    looking forward to seeing what you produce too- i'm sure you'll get some lovely results. please keep me/us posted.

    1. thank you so much for the reference and your kind words :)
      i'll keep you posted, for sure!
      hugs xx

  3. Wow, so exciting! I hope it's been an easy and good move. Lots of luck with everything that's to come!